At Emutex, we create and sell great software to professional companies building solutions. From time to time, we also build proofs of concept, prototypes and demos. We do this to educate, to promote awareness, to enable hobbyists and to demonstrate what we can achieve.


John Twomey - CEO.


Home Automation (HA) using ubiworx™.


Explanation on how QEMU speeds up Embedded Software Development.


A very different type of Tie, powered by Arduino* 101.


How to setup an UP board powered by the sun.


Smart Dog Collar at Maker Faire 2015 in Rome.


How Emutex's CTO made his house smarter through ubiworx™.


Pacman gaming machine built using the UP Board.


Destruction Derby at Maker Faire Rome 2015.


Armiga project: working some old-time magic

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