At Emutex, we create and sell great software to professional companies building solutions. From time to time, we also build proofs of concept, prototypes and demos. We do this to educate, to promote awareness, to enable hobbyists and to demonstrate what we can achieve.


John Twomey - CEO.


The winning project of the Emutex Software Innovator Of The Year Scholarship 2014.


Pacman gaming machine built using the UP Board.


This is an Intel® Edison GPIO Pin Multiplexing Guide


We have designed and produced the Emutex 56-pin GPIO Expander Shield.


Destruction Derby at Maker Faire Rome 2015.


A very different type of Tie, powered by Arduino* 101.


Smart Dog Collar at Maker Faire 2015 in Rome.


Read about the Intel® Edison based DSLR Camera Controller.


CamIO a software application to control various aspects of a DSLR camera.


Emutex display Timelapse Rail Demo at Maker Faire 2014.


"Farming Drone" winner of Emutex's Software Innovator Of The Year Scholarship 2015.


Details on the runner up of the Emutex Software Innovator of the Year Scholarship 2015.

Intel® recently announced their Galileo Gen 2 board - successor to the original Galileo.


Cost effective CCTV monitoring system.


How Emutex's CTO made his house smarter through ubiworx™.


Demonstrating ubiworx's potential telematics capabilities.


Demonstration of a home automation system connected to the Internet using ubiworx™.


Demonstrating ubiworx's potential industrial application.


How to setup an UP board powered by the sun.


Limerick Flying Club weather station powered by ubiworx™ sensor gateway.

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