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Cost effective CCTV monitoring system.



Are you wondering how to build an intelligent CCTV monitoring system? Maybe you found some solutions, however, they turned out to be too expensive for you? Or looking for a way, for reducing the costs of lighting? We present the GaliLED - a unique solution to intelligent CCTV cameras management and to LED lighting control, based on the new Intel’s Galileo board. Now with the new board from Intel these both things are possible to achieve.

Our prototype solution is designed for large commercial and industrial environments, but it also can be used successfully in a small companies.

Intel Galileo is the heart of this system. It is connected with various sensors, including temperature, motion, light sensor, which transmits data to the board.

It allows the realisation of this innovative system with a lot of different features. Below we describe some of them.

Creator: Maurizio Marcantonio

Manual LED control with simple user interface

The web interface allows you to control and monitor lighting. You can enable/disable or change the level of brightness remotely. Control panel shows the temperature of lighting. You have an option to set the temperature limit of lighting, so the cooling system can be enabled automatically to lower the temperature, when it will go above the limit.

LED thermal management

The LED thermal management is used to increase the LED lifetime. The LED lifetime is strictly correlated to the Junction temperature of LEDs. So the idea is to measure the temperature of the LED heat sink with a sensor and with a thermal mathematical model calculate the temperature of the Junction. Why this? From the LED datasheet we know the lifetime of a single LED in relationship of the Junction temperature, so using the temperature sensor and a fan motor we can estimate and increase the LED lifetime. In the specific when the Junction temperature exceeds a certain threshold , the fan motor will decrease the temperature of the heat sink and so of the LED Junction.

Automatic LED Lighting control using motion and light sensors

Based on the data received from the motion sensor, you can program a board, in a way that lighting will be enabled only when motion is detected in the room. Or lighting will be set initially at 30% of its power and the power will be increased to 100% when there's a motion. It can potentially save some energy and reduce the electricity bills. Use of a light sensor allows for program additional rules, which will control the lighting system. For example, you can use this solution to progressively increase lighting, with the decrease in sunlight brightness. But these are only the basic functions. Cooperation between board and CCTV camera, allows to introduce more advanced outdoor functions (e.g. Image tracking, parking access control, automatic gate opening).

Email alerts sending the video where the motion occurs

You have an option to configure the board in a way that you will receive an email with video, when motion is detected. Imagine, you control some strictly private area and nobody should be within it. You will be alarmed automatically by email, that something worrisome is happening and you will know because of video attached.

Motion detection with video processing of CCTV images

The video processing of CCTV images is useful to understand the type of street user (pedestrian, car, truck and so on). From this feedback from the CCTV image processing it is possible to adapt the light flux on base of real needs. For example, if there is a car, the system will set to 100% the LED light, if a pedestrian 50%, etc. Another usage of CCTV image processing, is to use IR CCTV cameras to detect presence during the night and control the LEDs.

Emergency button

The emergency button is useful to indicate an escape way controlling the LED lamps or simply to indicate a fire, or an emergency situation that requires attention.



A diagram showing how the board is set up.


UI for LED Control

Simple web interface allowing you to control and monitor lighting.

control panel

Final Look

The final set up for the project.

GaliLED large INTRO



GaliLED is the right intelligent solution to reduce the lighting cost and increase the security both in outdoors and indoors environments. You can get more information about GaliLED by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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