At Emutex, we create and sell great software to professional companies building solutions. From time to time, we also build proofs of concept, prototypes and demos. We do this to educate, to promote awareness, to enable hobbyists and to demonstrate what we can achieve.


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Demonstrating ubiworx's potential telematics capabilities.



MyCar is a demonstration of Emutex’s ubiworx product in a telematics application. Installed on an Intel Quark based platform and connected to the OBD II port on a passenger vehicle, the ubiworx software sensor gateway provides remote access to key vehicle operating parameters such as speed, engine RPM, MPG and GPS location. The information can then be monitored, analysed and displayed on web apps and mobile devices. A dash mounted camera is connected to the Intel Quark board via USB and can be triggered to capture video based on pre-set thresholds. E.g. excessive speed, motion or impact.



With the Intel Quark platform mounted in the vehicle and connected to the OBDII port the ubiworx IoT framework is used to access speed and engine rpm. GPS and accelerometer sensors on the Intel Quark platform provide information on location and any impacts that the vehicle may encounter e.g. from speed bumps or other vehicles in the event of an accident.





The MyCar

This is what the MyCar looks like.

MyCar 004




A dash mounted forward facing camera, connected via USB to the Intel Quark platform provides a continuous stream of video showing the journey. Data from the sensors can be aggregated and analysed locally by ubiworx to trigger “events” at the device level.

Such events can be remotely defined from a web app to for example, record and store video for uploading to the ubiworx cloud via a Wi-Fi or 3G remote connection. Ubiworx also has the capability to send data to a variety of cloud services allowing both live and historical data to be viewed, thresholds to be set and new devices to be added.

For example a threshold can be set to trigger an alarm in the event of the vehicle speed exceeding a pre-set limit of 120km/hr. The alarm can take the form of an SMS message or pre-recorded phone call and can also trigger the recording of 10 seconds of video either side of the event providing a permanent visual record of the conditions surrounding the event.

The remote app allows the user to view the journey information on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet). Speed, engine rpm, mpg and GPS location can be seen at 15 second intervals throughout the journey. If an event is triggered this data is available along with the video surrounding the event. The GPS location of the vehicle is tracked and can be displayed on a Google maps representation of the journey. Boundaries within which the vehicle is allowed to operate (geo-fencing) can be set to provide an alarm (SMS, Phone call) in the event of the driver breach the limits.

MyCar is designed to showcase ubiworx’s ability to acquire vehicle performance data from both the vehicle CAN Bus and other onboard sensors, aggregate and analyse it locally and trigger events at the device level. The mobile app demonstrates its capability to monitor and control devices based on user defined thresholds and conditions as well as remote monitoring of both live and historical data.

Key contributors:

Jose-Luis Martin, Joe Gibbs, Brett Fitzpatrick, Alejandro Abejón González, Robert Bordianu


Demonstration video


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