At Emutex we design and develop high performance software for our customers' embedded systems based products and solutions. We build bespoke solutions for a variety of IT networking, telecommunication, automotive and industrial applications.When required, we also work with our silicon and embedded systems design partners to design and source hardware systems that are optimally tailored to meet our customers' specific application needs.


Dan O'Donovan - CTO, Senior Embedded Eng.

Embedded software to enable prototype thin client display devices to interact with the remote desktop feature of Microsoft Server 2008.

Design and development for a fuel tank monitoring system.

Develop a fast, reliable and deterministic concept for a virtual communication mechanism for a real-time virtualised system.

Prototyping a product to connect a single Windows Server to 32 digital displays through Gigabit Ethernet.

Design and develop a small portable alarm monitoring device for a home security device supplier.


Stress testing device for flash memory devices.

Integration of Linux device driver software into popular open source applications.

Testing an EHCI host contoller plug-in card using the QEMU system emulator.

Emutex Protime that helps engineers carefully assess the performance of critical execution paths of software.

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