At Emutex, we create and sell great software to professional companies building solutions. From time to time, we also build proofs of concept, prototypes and demos. We do this to educate, to promote awareness, to enable hobbyists and to demonstrate what we can achieve.


John Twomey - CEO.


Smart Dog Collar at Maker Faire 2015 in Rome.



As a guest of Intel* at Maker Faire Rome 2015, we demonstrated an automated dog food dispenser (aka smart pet feeder) being controlled by smart dog collars. We created this application to demonstrate one of the many applications that can be made possible by Arduino* 101. Each smart dog collar, powered by Arduino 101, monitored a robot dog to measure useful details such as health, mood, tiredness and hunger. The values were communicated by the collar via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) to the owner’s smart phone (or tablet) when in its proximity. The owner could also select one of the values to be displayed as a red/green level on an LED strip on the collar.

The automated dog food dispenser was powered by an Intel® Edison embedded system running our Emutex ubiworx™ and ubilinux™ software. The dispenser monitored the presence of dog collars and, as a dog approached the dispenser, food (sweets!) was dispensed to the dog and only if the dog was detected as being hungry. The proximity of a collar was sensed by measuring the Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) signal strength transmitted by the collar’s Arduino 101.

Arduino 101 is the first widely available development board based on the tiny, low-power Intel® Curie™ module. Easy to use and affordable, Arduino 101 is ideal for education environments, makers and embedded developers.

For more details on how we implemented the smart dog collar and the smart pet feeder please contact our maker team.

Note: Arduino* 101 is known as Genuino* 101 outside the USA. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.


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