Emutex developed a Yocto Linux BSP for a family of medical device products based on an ARM Cortex-A8 SoC.

Emutex contributed to the design of the UP Board, and its family of UP Core and UP Squared boards. Emutex enabled, and continues to enable, popular Linux distributions to run on these boards.

Emutex was involved in the development of the Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino, providing its expertise and knowledge at all project levels.

Emutex contributed to Intel® Quark™ SE BSP, providing its expertise and knowledge at all project levels.

Emutex contributed to Intel® Quark D2000 BSP, providing its expertise and knowledge at all project levels.


Emutex was engaged to create and provide a tailored Linux OS distribution using Yocto Build System for an Intel® Quark™ X1021 based product.


Lib1Net – Providing Acceleration and Flexibility for VNFs at the Network Edge.


Emutex developed a high-speed packet generation and testing application based on DPDK and Docker Containers.


Emutex realized a customised high-speed network packet generator to be used for testing network switches and routers.


Design and integrate a TCP Offload Engine for use in high-speed video transmission devices.


Emutex Fibers Library and how it can improve your packet processing applications.


A plug and play device designed to prioritise voice traffic ahead of general data traffic.


Emutex designed and implemented a mixed analog/digital test station, coupled with a Continuous Integration system, to validate a bespoke embedded firmware solution.

Prototyping a product to connect a single Windows Server to 32 digital displays through Gigabit Ethernet.

Develop a fast, reliable and deterministic concept for a virtual communication mechanism for a real-time virtualised system.


Emutex designed and developed a bespoke firmware solution for an advanced analog and digital sensor measurement system.

Embedded software to enable prototype thin client display devices to interact with the remote desktop feature of Microsoft Server 2008.


Stress testing device for flash memory devices.

Testing an EHCI host contoller plug-in card using the QEMU system emulator.

Emutex Protime that helps engineers carefully assess the performance of critical execution paths of software.

Design and develop a small portable alarm monitoring device for a home security device supplier.


Explanation on how QEMU speeds up Embedded Software Development.

Integration of Linux device driver software into popular open source applications.

Design and development for a fuel tank monitoring system.

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