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Mark Burkley

Co-founder and co-owner of Emutex. With over 25 years experience working in companies such as Intel, Tecnomen and ICM

Emutex in brief

Emutex is a supplier of embedded software engineering services. Founded in 2007, Emutex designs and develops the software and firmware required to enable embedded systems to perform the fixed function applications specified by its customers. Applications are wide in variety and range from sensor data acquisition in industrial, energy and environmental Internet of Things solutions through to DPDK optimised IT/telecom network packet processing and testing devices. Emutex specialises in Linux, RTOS and bare-metal programming and is a contributor to open source Linux kernel and device driver development. Its customers include a global range of semiconductor manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs.

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John Twomey

Co-founder and CEO of Emutex, with over 25 years experience working in companies including Intel and Tellabs.


"Working in the heart of the National Technology Park in Limerick and neighbouring the University of Limerick, Emutex is made up of an international team of highly qualified and experienced engineers"



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