At Emutex we design and develop high performance software for our customers' embedded systems based products and solutions. We build bespoke solutions for a variety of IT networking, telecommunication, automotive and industrial applications.When required, we also work with our silicon and embedded systems design partners to design and source hardware systems that are optimally tailored to meet our customers' specific application needs.


Mark Burkley - CTO, Principal Embedded Software Engineer


Stress testing device for flash memory devices.


The integrity of Flash memory devices degrades over time primarily due to the impact of memory erase cycles.

Wear-levelling techniques are internally employed by flash devices to distribute memory usage and prolong their life span. Our client, a PhD research team in a leading university, contracted Emutex to design and develop a device that would enable them to stress test a variety of flash memory devices from various manufacturers. The results of the tests would lead to the development of improved wear-levelling techniques to prolong memory life span. Emutex commissioned an electronics company in the USA to design and develop an ARM9 based memory analyser device.


Emutex engineered the embedded software and also developed a Microsoft .NET based test application to enable a PC to control and collect test results from many networked devices via TCP/IP. 


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