We have demonstrated our ubiworx™ IoT Gateway Software Framework in our first sample of our Vending Machine Retrofit Kit at Venditalia.


The kit connects legacy vending machines to the Internet of Things offering machine owners a range of new capabilities including remote monitoring and stock control.

The Vending Machine Retrofit Kit is based on a combination of UP, a custom version of Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending and Emutex ubiworx™ IoT Software Framework.  ubiworx™ provides a complete workload consolidation for vending solutions, device management, advanced end-to-end security and total sensor integration functionality.The Vending Machine Retrofit Kit offers optimized machine management with 24/7 global monitoring through advanced telemetry solutions. A next generation predictive maintenance concept available now. Live inventory tracking, active machine sensors and video surveillance will allow the operators to minimize the cost of maintenance and monitor the status of all your installed vending machines. Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to communicate with your machines, anytime and anywhere. The Vending Machine Retrofit Kit offers to customers a unique user experience by supplying product information. Utilize up to two displays with touchscreen to offer product's nutritional facts, pricing and promotions. Each customer will be treated uniquely thanks to customer metrics, demography services and state of the art technology such as Intel® RealSense™ for gender detection by face recognition. New sources of revenue can come from renting advertisement spaces on the vending machine screen where every impression is accountable and in any moment it is possible to record the interaction of customers.The Vending Machine Retrofit Kit offers great flexibility for all new forms of payment collection, whether it's coins/notes, cashless payments or other upcoming payment methods. You can lower your cost of operation by allowing lower cost payment devices, as well as classic ones working on MDB bus. Detect the sales transactions and cross them with product recognition through Intel® RealSense's™ HD camera. It is also your fiscal box solution, that can help to comply with new incoming fiscal regulations.


For more information on our demonstration at Venditalia visit www.intelligentvending.eu or contact us directly.
Take a look at our impressive vending video in collaboration with AAEON.


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