Emutex is pleased to announce that ubilinux™ 4.0, a single Linux distribution for UP Board, UP Squared and UP Core, has been released and it is available for download in the UP Community website download section.


 ubilinux logo blue 1200 380


Main features:

Image Flasher with Automated or Interactive installation options available
Single Image based on Debian 9 Stretch and Debian Linux Kernel 4.9 which supports all the UP family
LXQt Desktop Environment
LibMRAA and RPi.GPIO libraries
Pylon vision software
Linux Kernel changes:
pinctrl driver to enable 40-pin header on UP Board and UP Squared
RPi I/O compatibility driver for UP Board and UP Squared
onboard LEDs driver
WiFi and BT support for UP Core
support for CREX Carrier Board on UP Core


Known issues:

Refer to the Errata List in the Downloads section.


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