We successfully fitted an Industrial Plant Monitoring System into a suit case. We built a compact and portable IoT demo running ubiworx™.


Due to its compact form factor the demo has already travelled the world, showing the Industrial Plant Monitoring demo at events in: Nurnberg - Germany, Rome - Italy and San Francisco - USA.

Industrial Plant

Gathering Data and Telemetry Reading

Ease of

Responsive even when not
connected to the Internet



emutex portable industrial plant monitoring system 3

Left Side: Warehouse

The setup on the left side of the demo simulates a warehouse. It consists of an ambient light sensor, an LED and a weight scale.


A manufacturing monitoring application sits on the other side of the perspex. It contains a PWM controllable fan, a vibration sensor and a temperature sensor.

emutex portable industrial plant monitoring system 6

Right Side: Manufacturing



emutex portable industrial plant monitoring system 5

Weight scale in use

Using the weight scale, the gateway can monitor the weight of incoming and outgoing items and emit warnings about unexpected or exceeding weights.


ubiworx™ supports a feature called local logic that enables intelligence to be run on the gateway.

emutex portable industrial plant monitoring system 8

ubiworx™ local logic



ubiworx network

ubiworx™ schema

ubiworx™ comes with the edge devices side and the cloud infrastructure in one software product. It was easy then to give the sensor remote access and control.


Using ubiworx™ the suit case is instantly connected to the cloud and executes local logic to enable smart and responsive applications even if the gateways are disconnected from the internet.

emutex portable industrial plant monitoring system 1

Portable Industrial Plant Monitoring System in the suit-case



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