Emutex is pleased to announce that it has achieved Microsoft Azure Certification for the UP board and ubilinux™.


Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT is the partner program that connects the broader IoT ecosystem with Microsoft Azure so that developers and architects understand the compatibility scenarios. Specifically, it provides a trusted list of OS/device combinations to help you get started with an IoT project. With certified device and operating system combinations, your IoT project can get started quickly, with less work and customization required to make sure devices are compatible with Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Hub.'Certified for IoT devices' have tested compatibility with the Azure IoT SDKs and are ready to be used in your IoT application. Ultimately, Microsoft Azure is a backbone to the Internet of Things, to which UP and all it's connected sensors and actuators connect.


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UP is a credit card computer board for makers powered by Intel®'s Quad Core Atom x5 Z83000 1.84GHz. It will be manufactured by AAEON and Emutex will release a new distribution of ubilinux - a Linux OS distribution based on Ubuntu. The primary advantage of UP is that it is an affordable, powerful industrial grade x86 based platform that will allow makers to quickly bridge the gap between the world of prototyping and the world of mass production.

To get an UP board please visit www.up-shop.org or you can join the discussion on the UP Community here.

For more info on UP visit: www.up-board.org
UP – Bridging the Gap between makers and markets.


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