Emutex "Software Innovator of the Year" Scholarships

The goal of our scholarship competition is simple – we wish to attract more students in Ireland towards careers in Embedded Software Engineering, a domain full of exciting opportunity.



Christopher Kelly's
"Farming Drone"


Chris BlueBox Resized


The winner of the Emutex Software Innovator of the Year Scholarship for 2015 has been announced as Christopher Kelly, a leaving certificate student at Crescent College Comprehensive SJ in Limerick. Christopher's "Farming Drone" aimed at providing cost savings to farmers while also focusing on helping the environment.


Deirdre Corr's
"Apnoea Detector"


Deirdre Robert


This years runner-up was Deirdre Corr, a fourth year student at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Deirdre's idea was focused on providing a cheap alternative to existing sleep apnoea detectors by building the detector using off the shelf components. More information on Deirdre's project can be found by clicking the image below.


Gerard Prunty's
"Weather Sensor System"


Gerard Prunty 2014


Gerard Prunty, a 4th year Computer Science student at University College Cork (UCC), launched a weather sensor system into the Earth's stratosphere with the help of a weather balloon. This system was comprised of an Intel Galileo hardware platform and software developed by Gerard under the guidance of Emutex engineers.

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